Not So Cranky This Thanksgiving…..

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and thought. Thoughts about the past, the present and the future. I have much to be thankful for in my life and I would like to share my thoughts and thanks with the universe.

1- I thank God for my wonderful family. Thanksgiving Day was very special because my wife and I had all our children and grand-children at our home to celebrate the holiday. It was quite a treat and everyone had fun. Special moments such as this make the holidays special.

2- I thank God for my wonderful wife, together as we age and approach our ‘golden years’ we value our time together more than ever whether it be shopping for Thanksgiving dinner needs, cleaning and getting our home ready for guests or even just relaxing and enjoying some movies together. Having a true partner to travel thru life with is a wonderful experience.

3- I thank God for my children. Each one of the four is special and loved very much. Watching them as they lead their lives as responsible adults, loving parents and free thinking individuals is heart warming and brings a smile to my ugly old face. I thank God for my children’s significant others who have added much happiness to our family. They are great additions to our clan.

4- I thank God for my grandchildren also four in number, the oldest in middle-school she is a beautiful, wonderful young lady, twin boys in grade school, they may look-alike but have different personalities and the latest addition a grandson about 4 months old who smiles constantly and brings happiness where-ever he goes.

5- I thank God for my wonderful parents who I may not have always agreed with but now finally after six plus decades of life I admit Mom,Dad you were right. You taught me right from wrong, how to treat others with respect and how to stand up for myself when the occasion called for it. Thanks Mom, Thanks Dad I miss you both but think of you always especially around the holidays. They both taught me the most important lesson of all that a sense of humor is crucial in life.

6- I thank God for my in-laws, my mother-in-law is over ninety but hanging in there and she is always a treat to be around with her stories and pixie like laugh. My father-in-law was a wonderful man full of life and laughter. He passed away a few years ago and is missed dearly.

7- I thank God for my first wife. You what???? Hear me out, I thank her because we have a wonderful daughter who is now the proud parent of my youngest grandson. So thanks is due and I am grateful our daughter has turned out to be a wonderful person. I also want to thank my in-laws from my first marriage for some wonderful holiday celebrations and accepting me into their family. They are both gone now but the memories remain.

8- I thank God for my present wife’s two previous husbands. (Now we know you’re crazy) Again hear me out they helped produce and participated in the lives of my step-children who have brought much joy to my life.

9- I thank God for my present church and helping my wife and I be born again. The fellowship is wonderful, the messages are great and the spiritually this church has brought to our lives has made us very happy and blessed.

10- I thank God for everything I have, my family, my country, my community, my friends and His love. This Thanksgiving especially has humbled me and made me a very happy person indeed.

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