Can Religion and Politics Co-Exist?

I enjoy reading blogs on a variety of subjects and it’s not unusual for me to find ideas to write about on my blog from something I have read elsewhere. One site that combines religion, culture and politics is Patheos. The columns found there cover many religious views and political views as well. If you have never visited the site I suggest you give them a try. One subject columnists on the site seem to write about engaged my thought processes and I would like to give my opinion on the subject or to be more precise attempt to answer the question I titled this post with.

My blog bio describes me as being a common sense American who believes in God, my family and my country. In that order no deviation excepted. The reason I consider myself a common sense American is I live my life as best as I can practicing my Christian values and I tend to vote for candidates who I feel also live lives with the same values. For that reason I am very opinionated and demanding as far as what I want if I am voting for someone. I hate labels, the media and politicians use labels to divide and separate people in America and it irritates me to no end. For instance, uneducated voters are usually mentioned as supporters for our current President. Since we are all created equal by our Creator labeling any group of voters as uneducated is wrong. The previous Presidential administration ruled our citizens by highlighting division among many lines: racial, cultural, class and education. It has polarized and harmed our country and the wounds will take a long time to heal.

One writer on the Patheos site, Jason D. Bradley stated his belief that Christian voters have been poisoned by the accepted label that Christian and conservative values are one in the same. I believe his point is in error because if you are a true Christian who adheres to Christian values you are guided by God’s values not conservative values, not Democrat party values or Republican party values.  In my opinion most political beliefs and values are more often than not in conflict with Christian values. As a matter of fact I have often believed that the Federal Government would like nothing better than to be worshiped by its citizens as much as God is worshiped by his followers. I guess what I might be attempting to say is as long as a Christian practices and lives his life according to God’s teachings Christians cannot be ‘poisoned’ by any political affiliation.

What I have noticed over the course of my 62 years of existence is how many elected officials support secular values that are in direct conflict with Christian values and these officials still try to convince voters they are Christians. A prime example is our previous President who supported late-term abortion on demand yet said repeatedly he was a Christian. Sorry sir I for one didn’t accept your rhetoric. Of course he was also trying to use his alleged Christianity to convince people he was not a follower of Mohammed so I guess for him it was a multipurpose lie.  There are any number of politicians who speak of their Christian values when running for election yet when in office do not attempt to repeal un-Christian laws that enable abortion, undeclared wars and unlawful immigration to continue and even be heartily supported. In my view this is just wrong and Christians need to see these leaders for what they truly are, which is deceivers and liars regardless of their political affiliation.

Christians and their values are formed and practiced by what God teaches and preaches. If you love God first and foremost in your life and live according to His values you are on the path to living life with common sense and virtue. If you are a pick and choose Christian who follows some Christian values but when they conflict with secular values you choose secularism, you are not a true follower of God. So the answer to the question: Can religion and politics co-exist? Yes they can, but only if religious values are used as a guide to govern according to God’s teachings, anything less is not acceptable and shouldn’t be accepted by Christians. Just my opinion.

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