Individual Behavior Matters…..

I am often amazed in today’s culture how often attitudes toward individual behavior change. As an example, people have hinted for decades about the decadence and bad behavior in Hollywood but the stories were usually ignored. A star like Charlie Sheen is found to have a drug problem and production of his TV series is suspended causing lost wages for employees who depend on his show, oh well, that’s OK Charlie just needs rehab and everything will be alright. A rapper like Nelly is accused of rape well, that can’t be true because he is a unique talent. The news channels are full of stories involving entertainers and depravity.

Once upon a time however, our stars in Hollywood actually had some honor and behaved like decent human beings. John Wayne comes to mind, he had a strong love for his country and stood up to anyone who rejected that train of thought. During World War II many stars of the day helped the war effort by selling war bonds and performing in USO shows. These stars may not have been perfect but on the whole they appeared to at least try to be decent human beings. Errol Flynn had bad press from an alleged affair with an underage girl and even though the allegations were never proven his career was never the same again. The entertainment industry and people who paid for that entertainment did not tolerate bad behavior and stars were treated like pariahs when they were accused of bad behavior. Now it seems any behavior by our entertainment idols is just fine. Rape? Well what did that woman expect going to Nelly’s hotel room or home in the middle of the night, can’t blame him…Caught HIV or herpes from a consensual sex romp with a Hollywood star, well you slept with a celebrity didn’t you?, be a good girl and get dressed while a member of the staff calls a cab for you.

Drugs, sex and debauchery OH MY!!! What changed? How did the entertainers of today and society in general become so decadent and disgusting? How did the general public become so star struck by these celebrities that any behavior could be easily excused with a shrug of the shoulders or a wink and a nudge? Well I for one blame the revolutionary 1960s and 1970s when open  sexuality and rampant drug use became the norm for much of the population.

Freedom to do whatever you wanted as long as it seemly didn’t hurt anyone else was  the beginning of the downfall for American society. Promiscuity caused single parent birth rates to sky-rocket and instead of teaching young people sexual activity could lead to life style changes such as raising an unexpected child our government and the liberals of that era decided abortion would be a great form of birth control. Don’t curb your behavior revel in it, you deserve to do whatever you want. Found out your pregnant? Don’t worry be happy, Planned Parenthood will make that baby disappear and you can return to your life of fun,fun,fun in no time. If you do decide to have that baby well the government will pay you a certain amount for each one so you won’t have to work and can raise them on your own. Not in a meaningful relationship?, no problem the kid will be just fine even if he doesn’t know who Daddy is, relax and enjoy.

The Hippies back then weren’t just about sex either. Oh no, they were  in many cases the first drug dealers in many Philadelphia neighborhoods I lived in. Friends who never did anything worse than maybe sneak a drink from their Dad’s beer supply were now smoking pot or sniffing glue or even trying heroin. All in the name of having a good time because well, its your right to do whatever you want. All of a sudden crime rates rose because the addicts needed to pay for their good times and since they were worthless dopers who could no longer hold onto their jobs, crime was attractive. Muggings, purse snatching and shop lifting became neighborhood norms with an occasional burglary or armed robbery thrown in for diversity sake.

About the same time that all this cultural ‘change’ was taking place hospitals noticed a severe increase in ER attendance mostly from drug users over indulging. Since these individuals didn’t have a job that provided healthcare how are these Doctor’s going to get paid? SWOOSH government to the rescue again. Just classify addiction as a disease instead of an individual choice. The government will pay for the addicts treatments in the ER and the Rehab facilities all at tax payer cost. Also we will lower legal penalties for addicts so that the money train that is addiction can keep on going. Oh those poor souls who were injured during that burglary or mugging better have a job with healthcare though because we ain’t paying for those people. Yeah, what could possibly be wrong with this government plan?

The only solution I have found for keeping my sanity in all this disgusting behavior is choosing wisely when it comes to my entertainment choices. Heard a quote from Will Smith years ago stating how Islamic terrorism is nothing compared with the racist behavior of white people in America. Really Will, well I have found that not paying for or viewing a movie of yours since Independence Day has been pretty refreshing. Sorry I consider your behavior racist and I will not support you. Cher has been known to say best thing old white men can do for America is die. OK, guess I have one less singer and lousy actress to watch. There are more of these brain-dead entertainers I no longer support in their endeavors and I really do not miss any of them. As for addicts in society who may want to rob or mug me to make money to support their drug habit? Well lets just say I believe in my right to defend myself and chances are it won’t be pretty. Eliminate drug addiction and crime will drop 50% at a minimum.

The thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog are mine and have been formed from what I have seen, experienced, researched and my thoughts on whatever subject I write about.

I do not expect everyone to agree with me and I actually do believe in an addict’s ability to recover from addiction. However when I see addicts who continually and constantly abuse the systems in place to help them, that really irritates me to no end. Some people are beyond hope and when they have long criminal records filled with drug abuse, theft and even violence then I find my mercy for that individual is running low because my prayers and thoughts are with their victims. I have seen first hand the damage drug abuse causes for individuals, their families and society in general. It ain’t pretty but I also believe no disease can force someone to make the individual choice to put that needle in their arm or snort that powder. Personal responsibility for our behavior rests with the individual, who ultimately has no one to blame but himself or herself for their behavior.

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