The Power of Prayer……

The subjects and blogs I create here at the Cranky Chronicles are the production of my overactive mind. My opinions are my own formed by what I know, what I read and what I think. Every now and then I feel the need to express personal thoughts and today is one of those days. I am a born again Christian and proud of it. I have posted twice concerning my spiritual journey and believe me it has been a long journey that has led me to where I am today.

A little background might help, I have been married twice and have 4 wonderful children from those marriages. My only regret is thru both marriages I was not exactly a true follower of Jesus Christ. Oh I prayed sometimes mostly for things that I thought I deserved and wanted in life but there was really no true relationship with God. I consider myself extremely lucky that all my children have grown up and are now  responsible adults who are making their way thru life as best they can.

About 5 years ago, I attended a small local church recommended to my wife and I by a co-worker she knew. The church was friendly and cheerful, the music uplifting, and the atmosphere was very welcoming. Sadly I don’t remember the Pastor’s message from that particular Sunday, but I do remember thinking I need to give this Christianity thing a try  again. A few months later after attending some classes and listening to more Sunday messages, my wife and I felt God’s presence in our lives and we were Baptized as members of The Church of the Brethren.

One of the central themes of our new-found Church was having a personal relationship with God. I had never viewed Faith in God from that perspective before. When I was Catholic I remember more fear of God than having a relationship with him. I slowly came to realize that God was looking for this relationship and while reading Scriptures was one way to get closer to Him prayer was by far the best method of saying Hello and conversing with Him. At least for me.

Before being born again I was a stressful mess, blood pressure thru the roof, drank a bit too much and I was just a very irritable person. Luckily my wife and kids put up with me otherwise I might be a 2 time loser at marriage. Anyway, I started praying more and believing in the power of God in my life, and that has enabled me to lower the blood pressure and become less irritable and stressed. I still have stressful moments but when I suffered from some heart and lung issues a few years ago I turned over a lot of my problems to God and expressed Faith in his ability to help me thru all my issues and difficulties. He has done a splendid job with a wretch like me and I am a much better person now because of His help.

I pray several times a day, always at night before bed to thank Him for another day above ground and I ask Him to look after my family and friends. I pray in the morning to thank Him for giving me the start to another day above ground and ask for his help to enable me to be the best person I can be that day. I guess the change for me as far as prayer goes was I asked for God’s help to make me a better person instead of asking for frivolous needs. My stress is lower because I can feel God’s presence in my life, I now notice small pleasurable things I overlooked before and I don’t feel like I need to keep up with today’s hedonistic culture like I did before. I am happy for what I have in life a strong marriage, a nice home, great children and grand-children and I feel more content than ever. Everyday I notice small things that make me think God is around me, for instance while driving another driver might cut me off because they are obviously in more of a hurry than me and probably an incredibly important person, especially if they are driving a high-end foreign vehicle. In my pre-Christian days I would make sure I caught up to them, cut them off and then made sure they are number one on my mind with a finger appropriate for their offense. Now I might have a colorful metaphor in my mind but the driving incident is quickly forgotten. A small change indeed but a change none the less.

Writing this blog has also come about from prayer. I had the idea to create my own blog for about 2 years but never had the courage to go thru with it. I prayed for help in making my decision and here we are. Like my life this blog is a work in progress constantly evolving and changing as I do. Every once in a while though God helps me by urging me to write and express a personal story about my Faith and my journey. I trust Him so I guess He is my coauthor. My Spiritual journey has been a definite learning experience. With God’s help my life’s journey has improved and He gives me the confidence to keep trying to be the best person I can be. God, He is the best friend anyone can have…….

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