More Wisdom vs Wisdumb……

Wisdom = Good Wisdumb = Bad

Wisdumb – Several websites have posted a video of an obviously confused and or under the influence of drugs/alcohol woman making a scene in a Taco Bell restaurant because the staff in that particular Taco Bell could not serve her the french fries she ordered. Naturally in this age of victim-hood for every least little  inconvenience she claims the restaurant staff was racist.  While Taco Bell doesn’t have fries on their menu a spokesperson for the restaurant chain said they may add that item at a later date. Another idiot getting her 15 minutes of fame I guess.

Wisdumb – Army deserter Bowe Berghdal who admitted his guilt in deserting his post is still in the news. After receiving no jail time for his cowardly act he and his legal team are now asking he receive back pay totaling almost $300,000 dollars  as well as a medal for being a POW and a Purple Heart as well. WOW, soldiers were injured and killed looking for this coward and he is brazen enough to show he doesn’t care about anything other than himself. What a despicable person Berghdal is.

Wisdumb – It seems our friends in the United Kingdom are not immune to attaining the label of Wisdumb. As a way to hopefully calm down returning British Jihadists returning from Syria to live in the United Kingdom,  a government program has been started to provide tax payer funded housing and counselling to deter these violent Jihadists from committing acts of terror in Britain. Never-mind that government program after government program has already failed to stop terrorist operations in Britain, the liberal idiots in charge will keep trying until they run out of other people’s money for such ridiculous programs.

Wisdumb – O.J. Simpson now where have I heard that name before….Oh yeah he was released from prison recently and got away with murdering his ex-wife. Anyway you might think he would be keeping a low profile after all the harm and destruction he has caused but unfortunately O.J. apparently has no low profile abilities, he was removed from a bar recently when he became belligerent and nasty after drinking too much. Security had to remove him and after several broken glasses and such O.J. was removed and banned from the bar. Guess once a thug always a thug.

Wisdom –  A recent article the Jewish World Review discusses things people should not be compelled  to change when in a relationship. Number 2 Imperfections brought a memory back to me from a radio show I listened to in Philadelphia many years ago. The host mentioned how we should celebrate and relish our imperfections because they help form relationships and friendships that are truly worthy of our time and effort. The fact we can meet people who accept our imperfections and care about us anyway provides us with opportunities for engaging in a relationship that is real and lasting. Conversely meeting people who do not accept our imperfections can still lead to a relationship but probably not a deep and meaningful one. I consider myself lucky because my wife accepts my imperfections and I am glad she does.

Wisdom – The Bureau of Economic Analysis released a positive assessment for America’s economy. Seems consumer confidence is high and people are spending again. After the dismal economic news while suffering under the weight of failed economic policies from our previous President this is welcome and optimistic news. The unemployment rate is also down and approaching levels not seen since 2000. More good news for America.

Wisdom – A well deserved rating for my fellow voters who voted for Donald Trump last November. As stated above the economic news is improving and it has been quite refreshing having a President who actually loves his country in the White House. Our last President did quite a bit of damage but with help from the common sense voters who elected Trump to drain the Washington D.C. swamp we can make America right again.




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