Halloween Movie Favorites (At Least for Me)………..

Born in October many decades ago I have always enjoyed Fall for the change of color, Halloween and anything that doesn’t have pumpkin in it. Come on people Pumpkin Latte, just not my thing. Anyway I thought I might list and review a Top Ten Halloween Movie list that includes some favorites of mine and hopefully will prompt readers to list favorites of theirs. So here we go:

10- The Uninvited (1944) Starring Ray Milland & Donald Crisp. An old black & White film that tells the story of a haunted house and the brother and sister who buy the home. Great atmosphere and suspense that was probably state of the art for 1944 and the black and white cinematography helped with the spooky mood. The main characters solve the ghostly mystery of the haunting of their home, Windward House and the story has humor, romance and suspense to spare.

9- I Frankenstein (2014) Starring Aaron Eckhart & Bill Nighy. Based on a graphic novel that I had never read or even heard of this movie provided me with plenty of action and special effects. I collect gargoyle figures as a hobby so viewing a movie with gargoyles battling demons with Frankenstein’s help was a real treat.

8- Season of the Witch (2011) Starring Nicholas Cage & Ron Perlman. This movie did not succeed at the box office but I have viewed it several times and find myself entertained each viewing. The story concerns disillusioned knights who are transporting an alleged  witch to a remote abbey for questioning. The suspense that occurs along their journey and especially the culmination of the story are riveting and enjoyable especially at Halloween.

7- The Frighteners (1996) Starring Michael J. Fox. Another box office loser but a good movie in the horror/comedy genre. Hobbit fans might be especially intrigued since this movie was directed by Peter Jackson. Anyway, Michael J. Fox’s character is involved in a car accident where his wife is killed and although he survives, he now has the ability to see ghosts. usually the ghosts he deals with are funny and innocent of bad intentions however he comes up against a malevolent creature that convinces him he needs to save the world. Funny and enjoyable.

6- The Legend of Hell House (1973) Starring Roddy McDowall. An excellent haunted house tale from a great writer Richard Matheson. He wrote the novel and the screenplay. Several people with unique abilities are paid to spend time in a haunted house and find the secrets to why the house is haunted. Suspense, mystery and drama galore in a wonderful Halloween time or anytime movie.

5- Ghost Town (2008) Starring Ricky Gervais & Greg Kinnear. For my money this movie is extremely enjoyable as a ghost story, a comedy or a romantic comedy. The story revolves around a curmudgeon of a dentist who gains the ability to see and converse with ghosts. This movie is extremely entertaining on many levels and has many funny moments.

4- The Mummy (1999) Starring Brendan Fraser & Rachel Weisz. A movie that is very much a special effects update of the entertaining action, adventure horror movies of old. In my opinion by far the best movie Brendan Fraser has ever done. The story follows characters on a search for a lost city in the desert and the mayhem and horror that ensues after an ancient curse is disturbed. Awesome in every way.

3- Room 1408 (2007) Starring John Cusack & Samuel L. Jackson. One of the few haunted ghost movies made in recent Hollywood that delivered the chills and suspense I crave when viewing such material. John Cusack plays a skeptical author who specializes in debunking the supernatural. He receives a challenge concerning a New York City hotel and the Room 1408. Great movie from beginning to end.

2- Van Helsing (2004) Starring Hugh Jackman & Kate Beckinsdale. What better way to celebrate Halloween that viewing a movie that includes Dracula, Frankenstein and were-wolves galore. Modern special effects and a throwback atmosphere from horror movies made log ago. One of the best movies I have seen for action, horror and suspense.

1- Solomon Kane (2010) Starring James Purefoy. I have been a fan of old pulp fiction stories like Conan the Barbarian, John Carter on Mars and this character Solomon Kane. Match that interest with the fact I am a BIG fan of actor James Purefoy and its a match made in Halloween Heaven. Purefoy makes the Solomon Kane character even larger than described in the books and stories and better than I ever could have imagined an actor being able to do. Demon hunter, scoundrel and hero Purefoy’s Solomon Kane has multiple personalities and his adventures are a real wild ride for the viewer. Highly recommended.

Well that is my top 10 list, there are plenty of other movies in the horror genre I have enjoyed over the years but these 10 are the best I have seen. Please feel free to share your favorites. Happy Halloween……….

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