Just Saying………

With the Weinstein sexual pervert scandal still haunting America’s newspapers, tabloids and cable news networks, the Academy Award’s governing body is considering enacting a code of conduct for its members to follow. Since there is rampant sexual perversion and drug use going on in Hollywood, I find it hard to believe that the Academy will find anyone who even understands what a true code of conduct might entail. This sort of lip service to cover their disgusting arse is providing us with some of the best acting ever seen in Hollyweird. Now if we could only get a Code of Conduct for award winners stating a simple “Thank You” will suffice when accepting their award in lieu of the pointless and nonsensical ranting and political preaching.

Saudi Arabia has become the first nation on Earth to bestow citizenship to a robot. The female robot named Sophia becomes an icon for irony in Saudi Arabia. She has more rights as a citizen of Saudi Arabia than her human counterparts in the country. Interesting how modern technology has apparently integrated well with Saudi society but women are still treated as lower class beings. Well I guess one cannot expect too much forward thinking from a barbaric country that embraces a ‘religion’ that preaches subjugation.

A Wisconsin named Jeremy Van Ert  apparently walked into a beer cooler at a local convenience store and became trapped when the door locked behind him. Being an adaptable sort of person he decided to stay in the cooler and enjoy a few beers instead of  calling for help. Six hours later  another customer spotted Jeremy in the cooler and reported him to store personnel. During those six hours Jeremy had consumed 4 beers. Jeremy was cited for retail theft which is punishable by a $170 fine. I believe Jeremy needs a lesson in economics, no beer is worth over $40 a can. Good plan poor execution Jeremy.

Finally an example of how government often has good intentions but fails when it attempts to help its citizens. Single mom, Cynthia Lopez bought a home in Denver Colorado for $150,000 in 2012. She decided a bigger home for herself and her daughter would be a nice upgrade and put her home up for sale. An interested buyer placed a bid to buy her home for $265,000 and she agreed. So far a nice story about someone living their life to the fullest and realizing a dream. Well not so fast when government is involved. Just a few days before closing on her deal the city notified Cynthia that her neighborhood had been designated a ‘affordable housing’ area which meant the maximum price she was allowed to sell her home for was $186,000. Now the ‘affordable’ designation was placed on her home without her knowledge and no paperwork was ever sent to Cynthia notifying her of the designated rules for selling her home.  The city even admits they dropped the ball on communicating with her about these rules and regulations. Her real estate deal was cancelled and Cynthia figured she would have to live in her home until 2023 when the rules expired. Alas this poor woman has no luck, due to the attempt to sell her home she has been informed by the city she is now in violation of the affordable home rules because when she purchased her home in 2012 she did not meet the income requirements. The city apologized  for not informing her of those requirements before the purchase was complete but  rules are rules and she is in violation. Now she must find somewhere else to live in 30 days. No wonder a majority of citizens feel fear when they hear the phrase: “Hello I’m from the government and I’m here to help”. She is currently going thru an appeal process and I wish her the best of luck.




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