Who I Am and Why I’m Here….

WOW, a complex question for my first blogging assignment but nothing ventured nothing gained.

I guess the best place to start is my blog bio which describes me as a ‘Common Sense’ American. But, on a more personal level I am young man in his early 60s who has decided to start a blog that will enable me to share my ideas, experiences, passions and opinions on a variety of subjects. Once I reached 60 I decided I would speak my mind on everything I could think of, even though I haven’t retired yet. One of my goals in life has been to retire and complain about the government full-time, unfortunately my government is providing me with more issues to complain about then I can keep up with.

I have worked in the IT field since 1973 mostly in data centers for major companies as a computer operations specialist. Computers have been a major influence and passion of mine for over 4 decades and I take pride in the fact that I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in my field from on the job training and whatever education I could research on my own. No degree of any kind do I possess and I guess looking back that makes me a survivor in my field.

Like many people in today’s world I have experienced good times and bad times in my life. Health challenges, financial challenges and challenges in a variety of other areas are learning experiences and I guess my faith in God, my family and myself have found me at a point in life where I can look back and say “you’ve come a long way my good man”. The challenges I have faced and the experience I have gained throughout my life have helped guide me and formed a personal history that I feel confident enough to share with others. The church I am a member of, teaches Fellowship as an important part of faith and I guess engaging in fellowship with my readers is a hope I have for my blogging. Basically my blogging process is, if something tickles my brain, incites a little passion on a particular topic or might be entertaining I will probably blog it. I guess that makes my niche a bit large but as my wife has accused me of plenty of times in our 18 years of wedded bliss, you are a font of useless knowledge and you think too much. I have also been accused of letting my mind wander to areas others may fear to tread. I will admit I resemble both those sentences most of the time.

I happen to read and find most of my news from blogs. Main-stream media in the USA is dominated by opinionated talking heads who are more interested in spreading propaganda and mis-information. I read about a dozen different blogs daily that I trust and know thru reasearch post accurate and interesting posts. I read other blogs also usually with a healthy bit of skepticism and even sites such as Yahoo and AOL can have news that is pure nonsense or news we can use. Discretion being the better part of valor, I read a wide variety of posts but believe in a small number of bloggers. These bloggers are the inspiration I used to start my own blog. If they can do it so can I (at least I hope).

So I guess in a nut shell that is at least a small description of this humble author and what he hopes to do with his blog. Opinions and observations on just about anything. I reside in rural Pennsylvania but grew up in Philadelphia where the first 30 years of my life’s journey took place. That gives me a perspective on life in a big city as well as life in a small town. Something I will probably write about at one point or another.

Thanks for reading………





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