Rich and Misguided……..

A California billionaire named Tom Steyer is spending a minimum of 10 million dollars funding ads that ask citizens to sign a petition and urge their representatives in Washington to call for President Trump’s impeachment. Mr. Steyer is reportedly worth nearly 2 billion dollars and according to a bio I recently read has spent nearly 70% of his fortune funding Democrat ideas and candidates including Hillary Clinton and our former President. Now I am sure Mr. Steyer is doing what he believes is right and placing his money where he believes it will do some good. I would like to point out however that the money he is spending could probably do more good if given to charitable organizations that have programs to actually help people in need. Spending millions of dollars funding a possible liberal coup d’etat by over throwing legitimate election results and a current President can lead to civil war and very tragic circumstances for our country. What makes wealthy liberals think they have a right to cause trouble for America just because their candidate lost an election? For eight long years many Americans sat by quietly as a radical President attempted and succeeded in destroying America and causing division. These Americans were probably not happy with the results of the 2008 and 2012 elections. They stayed quiet because even though they disagreed with a sitting President he was  elected. Elitists like Tom Steyer and the evil George Soros should be called out as enemies of America because of their misguided efforts to remake America into a socialist country ruled by the wealthy with citizens subservient to them and their chosen political puppets. Liberals are fond of calling on citizens to resist, I would like to suggest that Americans started to do just that in the last presidential election. Resistance to liberal ideas and ideals are why President Trump was elected. Liberals, got what they wished for but not what they wanted. Ironic I guess since many voters who have supported liberal candidates in the past never received what they needed or wanted from liberal promises.

Another evil ( I call them as I see them) billionaire, George Soros has reportedly transferred 18 billion dollars into his Open Societies Foundation and the article I read states that no one is sure how this money will be spent. Really, I can guess because Mr. Soros has given millions of dollars to organizations such as Planned Parenthood known for their baby killing ‘healthcare’ services and he has helped to fund the terrorist group Black Lives Matter. WOW, what a philanthropist this character is. He has also meddled in European politics by attempting to influence elections in Hungary and Romania. His globalist world view goal is for one world under socialism with people like himself ruling over all. WOW, sounds like a villain in a James Bond movie. Once again why are people like Mr. Soros allowed to fund subversive terror groups in the name of imposing his world view on America.

Our Republic was founded on the premise of government by the people and for the people. I find it very sad that wealthy individuals such as Tom Steyer and George Soros have such a hatred for America and the ideals that have helped them succeed financially, they along with politicians they control are willing to risk anarchy to impose their will on American citizens.  A sad state of affairs. Wealthy may mean successful but it certainly can also mean misguided.


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