Just Plain Nooots……….

I have always believed irony to be one of life’s endearing pleasures. Watching our propaganda news media attempt to help liberal/progressives overthrow our Democracy in the name of socialism/communism can be a fun hobby, especially when their attempts fail and actually lead to unintended results. For instance, CNN has been investigating Russia and it’s involvement with President Trump for almost a year. They have found no evidence but they keep trying because they can’t admit that people went against their advice and voted for someone other than their candidate, Hillary Clinton. As I have said before, liberals just cannot admit people reject their ideas, its just impossible for them to realize that people disagree with them. Anyway, all this investigating has uncovered more information about Hillary’s ties with the news she helped sell uranium to the Russians and her collaboration with our former President in signing off on this deal. My, my, talk about a narrative CNN and other networks don’t want coming to light. I guess the old saying of “Be careful what you wish for” is true after all. They wanted to unveil a Russian conspiracy with American politicians, they did but unfortunately for them it’s their chosen political saviors who are in hot water. So sad, too bad.

Our former President, WOW it is so good to describe him that way, is in the news for another reason. He is campaigning for a Democrat who is running for governor in New Jersey. President B.S. (Barry Soetoro) but BS sounds more fitting, gave a speech that criticized President Trump for sending divisive messages to America. Wow, how about that for the kettle calling the pot black, DOH I mean maybe the former President felt it was time to call a spade a spade, DOH I did it again, sorry. Just having a little fun with phrases there, I guess former President B.S. should be an expert at the politics of division. His idol Saul Alinsky preaches that method in his handbook for being a radical and B.S. racially divided our country the entire time he was President making racial tensions a part of his legacy as President. So keep talking B.S., you were a failure as a President and hopefully any candidate that hitches their campaign wagon to your racist circus will fail as well.

Not to be outdone but another former President, G.W. Bush also came out from the rock he hides under to rebuke President Trump for what George believes is a ‘negative personal tone that leads to cruelty and bigotry’. Way to go George, as if most Republicans did not already consider you a traitor to common sense politics, you just offered undisputed truth to your lack of leadership and apparently progressive leaning beliefs. I know you want to be known as a moderate, but moderates don’t stand for anything of true substance. Your a loser and I guess your still angry that President Trump clobbered your idiot brother on the campaign trail. Go back to that cow pie you call home and please, just stay there. Oh, and please take that weasel Karl Rove with you, he is useless to Americans who support President Trump. You both are as useless as teats on a bull. Just a little cowboy lingo W. to help make my point.

Last but not least, the world of magazine ‘journalism’ made the news recently with the announcement that Playboy magazine would feature a transgender centerfold. WOW, Hugh Hefner has had very little time to settle into his Playboy Mansion in the afterlife and the publication that made him famous is trying to strike a blow for diversity or social justice or mental illness, not sure which or maybe even all those that might apply. Anyway, what is this model’s bio going to look like? Perhaps, along with the Playboy basics of horse back riding and walks on the beach, a transgender ‘model’ might like to split logs in their spare time and knit cozies for teapots maybe?  Crotchet gun holsters and go duck hunting? The possibilities boggle the mind. Also in the name of inclusiveness, how about featuring other mentally disturbed individuals in future editions. For instance women who are suffering from schizophrenia, they are different people so one woman might be able to provide Playboy with a whole year’s worth of centerfold pictures. I know, I am coming across as someone making fun of mentally disturbed individuals but not too long ago transgender-ism was considered a mental illness. In my opinion I believe it still is a mental illness issue. No social justice special rights are going to change that, and in fact delays these individuals from receiving the help they truly need. You are either male or female when you are born. There is no in-between or a right to be something or someone else. Nature is nature.

Have a great weekend all……………………………..




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