The Real Enemy of the People……

I am slowly but surely dealing with the fact that I am getting older and as a result I find myself thinking about my past. I grew up in Philadelphia and for the first 30 years of my existence living in a big city was the best place to be. Sure, the city had issues but even as a young man in my 20’s and 30’s Philly had more pros than cons. As I look back, the first inkling I had that Philly was beginning to slide into an abyss was when my job moved out to the suburbs and I had to commute outside the city limits to stay employed.  I found that even though I no longer worked in Center City I still had to pay the Philly wage tax because I chose to live within the city limits. I also began noticing how many of the neighborhoods  I frequently visited or lived in were changing and not for the better. By the time I had an opportunity to move out of the city I was ready, willing and able to believe that city living was not for me.

Growing up in the neighborhoods of Port Richmond, Kensington and Juniata Park from my early years into young adulthood was largely pleasant and full of good memories. These neighborhoods were safe, the play grounds were plentiful and the people living there all got along. Walking along Kensington Ave with my parents while window shopping on Sunday’s are one of my fondest memories. Why Sundays? Well back in those days stores were closed on Sundays making window shopping a community event.

Alas shortly before I moved out of the city, times had changed for the worse. Taxes were high on the 51% or so who had jobs and the 49% who were considered disadvantaged fed from the city coffers like locusts at harvest time. Neighborhoods that were by and large crime free and clean became slums in the name of diversity. As a matter of fact during the administration of Mayor Wilson Goode, the city actually paid couples to move into non-segregated neighborhoods to test the  racial tolerance of different areas. If there was any resistance to these race-baiters the city would take over an apartment building or find homes they could declare as Section 8 and move people in to change the demographics. As a result this change led to more crime, drug use and people moving to other neighborhoods that had less issues. The goal of spending your whole life in the city became a race to see how fast you could make enough money to move out to the suburbs or any place but Philly.

I know, I sound racist in my assessment but I still distinctly remember feeling unwelcome in the city of my birth when John Street a black city council member who later became Mayor uttered ‘The brothers and sisters are in charge now and if you don’t like it you can leave’. Well you didn’t have to tell me twice Johnny, leave I did. The city neighborhoods I remember as a child are long gone. Replaced by crack houses, heroin dens, hookers galore and poverty everywhere. How sad that not only Philadelphia has turned into a war zone but other major cities have fallen too. Chicago, Detroit and even New York have fallen on hard times. Ironically all these cities have one thing in common, the hardest times have befallen these cities when by and large Democrats were the political party in charge. Coincidence? I think not. When will people who live in these places finally get a dose of common-sense and realize that the Democrat Party cares nothing about you as a citizen or human being? If your poor and dependent on the government for your survival Democrats want you to stay that way and support their lies that seem to show they care but never seem to make your life better. They don’t care except when they want your vote. If you have a job and are making money Democrats want to keep a hand in your wallet to fund their idiotic ideas such as providing clean needles for addicts, sending your children to failing schools and spending your tax dollars on city improvements that never seem to be completed or deliver their stated purpose. Philadelphia and the other cities I mentioned also have a link to the Federal Bureaucracy in Washington D.C.  Where our Congress and Senate are nothing more than housing for villains and traitors.

This country is divided because our Federal Government wants us that way. Class war, racial division, illegal immigration are all problems the Feds want to see continue so we the people are so busy fighting among ourselves the politicians and lobbyists can continue to feed from our wallets and misery. President Trump was elected to stop this madness but even his own party has proven what cowards and traitors they really are.  I hope and pray that in my lifetime people in America will wake up and see who the real enemy is, it’s our Federal Overlords in Washington D.C. and in quite a few cases our politicians on the local level as well. Especially the Democrats but there are many Republicans who also share the blame.  We the people need to show the politicians that we have had enough and they must change whether by their own choice or because we will force a change. Time to organize people and I ain’t talking about groups like BLM or those idiots in Anti-Fa. Good people need to organize and bring change for all, not for special interests or personal gain. BLM and Anti-Fa are just as bad as politicians, they only seek to enforce their agendas and don’t give a rat’s rear end about the common people who just want to be free to live their lives as they see fit. It’s the citizens who want to make America Great again that need to step up and say enough is enough. Good people come in all sizes, shapes. colors and religious beliefs, those are the Americans I want to see step up in our time of need.





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