Happy Birthday Communism……

Ireland recently celebrated Che Guevara by honoring him with a stamp!!! Ireland??? When I first saw this on the Internet I thought maybe someone on the Emerald Isle had had too much whiskey. Upon further review however Che actually had Irish roots. Apparently his father was of Irish decent. I will never understand the aura that seems to surround Che Guevara, a Communist Revolutionary who slaughtered many innocent people and caused hardship and misery where-ever he went. Che has become an idol to some and I guess ironically thru T-Shirts sales and other merchandise has become a capitalist. I wonder what Che would think about that?

In regards to Communism, this year apparently marks the 100th birthday for the failed form of government many liberals are now seeking to institute here in America. Vladimir Lenin took over Russia in October of 1917 and modern Communism was born. Russia saw much hardship and many people were executed under the Communist form of government and yet that did not stop other countries in our world from trying to institute Communist principles in places such as China, Cuba and others. Citizens in those countries have suffered widespread persecution, suffering and death. Communism may be a failure as a form of governing, but it is consistent in delivering misery and genocide to the general public while a ruling elite live in luxury.

I saw a headline on Yahoo: “North Korea EMP attack could shutdown US power grid and kill 90% of Americans”, WOW no scare tactics there eh? Apparently members of the disbanded Electromagnetic Pulse commission spoke to a Homeland Security subcommittee and uttered that quote and also had other ominous warnings. Now I am not a military expert or a scientist but wouldn’t we be better served by hearing reports given by current security experts and not by people who have for whatever reason, lost their jobs? I would think human nature being what it is especially in politics, listening to members of a disbanded commission who might be selling gloom and doom in the hopes they might get their government jobs back isn’t time well spent. Just a thought from a citizen who is always skeptical of our Federal  Overlords. North Korea by the way is another example of Communism’s failure as a form of government, it’s short, fat  leader with the funny haircut lives in luxury while his people starve. As a matter of fact, isn’t there a height requirement when someone wants to start a nuclear war? Kim Jong-un would have trouble meeting the height requirements for Disneyland rides let alone destroying the world.









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