Yes It Does Matter……

Lots of sordid news about Harvey Weinstein and his lascivious liaisons over the years and as I noted before why did Democrats and liberals in general associate with this pervert. The Clinton crime family, the previous President as well as various celebrities of the liberal persuasion all considered Harvey to be a cash cow for their foundations or movie careers. Now woman after woman is coming forth telling tales of Harvey’s disgusting, piggish behavior. Yet some politicians are finding reluctance in returning Harvey’s donations or calling him out as a misogynist. During our recent Presidential election we were told over and over again what a disgusting attitude President Trump had toward women. Yet liberals such as Harvey and Bill Clinton did much worse than tell a few lewd jokes and yet they basically are allowed for years to continue with their behavior until the media cannot hide the story any longer. The Democrats even pass themselves off as  supporters of women and their struggles. Could have fooled me.

While growing up in my home city of Philadelphia I was often told by my parents that I would be judged by the company I kept or the people I chose to hang around with. Like a typical young man I didn’t believe this was fair and largely ignored their advice. As is often the case in life, circumstances showed me the error in my thinking. My first full-time job was working for a large department store in Center City.  My work hours were usually after the store had closed for the day and the majority of employees had gone home for the night. A few daring individuals in the department where I worked started wandering around the empty store at night and eventually found it was very easy to leave the store with items and not be caught by security.  Since this was in the 1970’s when security cameras were not as prevalent as they are now, getting away with theft was not too difficult. Since everyone involved were young men who were probably short on common sense in their young lives, the thievery continued to escalate to more expensive items and even larger items. Eventually the store began to notice merchandise was missing in the morning and security was increased during the off hours. Being young, dumb and feeling like they would never be caught the thefts continued. I decided to accompany a group on their nightly store exploration just to see if they were really getting away with this behavior. Just my luck security spotted our group and our walk-about was documented. Now I never actually stole any items but I did know the thefts were occurring and the individuals who were performing the thefts. I did walk thru the store and go into areas that I was not allowed to be in after hours, guilty as charged. Security didn’t care that I had not stolen any items, I was seen with the thieves and I was fired just like everyone else. I may not have been guilty of theft but I was guilty of associating with the thieves. I had been given a learning experience that taught me I wasn’t nearly as smart as I thought I was.

So often in today’s society we are told not to judge others by the company they keep because we have no right to judge someone else. That sounds like a fair attitude but there have been many important examples where not making judgements about people in positions of power even though we knew who their friends were or who/what may have influenced their way of thinking has led to misery and division. Our previous President was known to have studied and admired Saul Alinsky, considered the Father of modern radicals. His game plan is used by liberals today to attack their opponents with insults and destructive labels such as Fascist, Bigots or Nazis instead of supporting a free expression of ideas  by engaging in civil dialog. Our previous Commander In Chief also listed Bill Ayers as a personal friend and associate, Bill is a self-described communist revolutionary and violent bomb maker.  There are other examples, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) group used the false narrative of ”Hands Up Don’t Shoot”  to advocate and start riots and protests across America in support of a criminal named Michael Brown. The narrative was proven false but protests continue to this day and riots have destroyed lives and property in many cities. Michael Brown was a criminal thug who died because he attacked a police officer. Not worthy to be a martyr for any cause for justice. Neither were a majority of the other thugs that riots and protests were conducted for like Trayvon Martin or Freddy Gray.  Despite evidence to the contrary race hustlers like Al Sharpton use the deaths of these criminals to enrich himself, cause hardship for the people he professes to support and still has the gravitas to call himself a man of God.  Al was held in such high esteem by our former President he had an open invitation to visit the White House just about anytime he desired. Bad associations therefore have led to a failed Presidency, racial division and social unrest.

I’m sure history if full of examples of people who surrounded themselves with less than admirable friends and associates and have suffered the consequences for those associations. Bad associates can have an impact on the lives of individuals going about their lives. When people in positions of power especially in government have poor judgement when it comes to friends, associates or even role models the fallout from these decisions can lead to misery and division that can separate and destroy a country.  We need to learn from our mistakes when leading our individual lives and we must also learn from our mistakes when voting for politician’s who do not exhibit good judgement when it comes to their associations and idols. Just my opinion, feel free to share yours…..



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