Thoughts of the Day………

With all the screaming and protesting going on about America’s alleged racism toward person’s of color there seem to be a few inconsistencies I have noticed. For instance, monuments from the Civil War are now being removed as signs of racism yet Islam has practiced slavery since it’s creation and in many Islamic countries slavery is still practiced. Why no outcry to remove Mosques as monuments to slavery?

Pope Francis criticized President Trump for wanting to build a wall to prevent illegal immigration. Yet the Vatican allows few if any people to become citizens. As a matter of fact only select family members of Vatican employees can even be considered for citizenship. Why pick on America Francis? Don’t look now but your hypocritical socialist views are showing. So glad I am not Catholic anymore, this current Pope is an embarrassment.

The NFL is losing viewers and advertisers faster than the Titanic sank. Now their leader Roger ‘I AM IN CHARGE’ Goodell is asking players to stand for the National Anthem after supporting these protesting babies. Hey Roger, there are apparently already league rules requiring certain behaviors in regard to the Anthem.  If you were a true leader you would have had the decency to demand teams and players follow the rules as they already exist. Too late you moron, people have found other things to do when games are on and they just don’t care anymore. Why were you trying to be some sort of Social Justice Warrior supporting the employees instead of making the paying customer happy? So sad too bad.

CNN has been working overtime for months attempting to find evidence that President Trump and the Russians conspired to deny Hillary Clinton the presidency. No evidence has been found but they keep trying. While I usually admire people who persevere and continue to look for the truth, isn’t it beyond time for CNN to give up this search for something that obviously doesn’t exist?

Another Democrat supporter, Harvey Weinstein has been accused of being a pervert in the first degree by a large number of women who are still coming out of the woodwork with accusations and stories of Harvey’s transgressions. My thought is, how does the Democratic party still get away with preaching they are the political party that whole-heartedly supports women? Between Harvey, his pal Slick Willie Clinton and Bob Menendez who is under fire for using underage prostitutes, why do women still believe in the Democratic Party and the lies they tell?

Speaking of liars, the Democrat Party has become infested with Socialists, Marxists and Communists, how are they still able to get away with being considered a political party and not an outright enemy of the United States? The pass themselves off as being defender’s of democracy yet attempt to deprive citizen’s of their rights to own and bear arms, freedom of speech and freedom from government intervention in their lives. The Democrats have become the crazy fringe political group that supports a corrupt system of government by the privileged few to subjugate and rule over the deplorable masses. Doesn’t sound like a great way to live yet many ignorant voters believe in the propaganda spewed by Democrat icons such as Pelosi, Soetoro, Clinton and Schumer. I guess the so called college educated elite are just nowhere near as smart as they think they are. The Democrats and their useless policies have done little for America except maybe convince enough people to vote for Trump instead of what’s her name, oh yeah Hillary. What you reap you shall sow I guess.





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