Human Interaction ???

Maybe I’m getting older which means less patience when dealing with fools or impolite people but our society sure seems to be full of rude and obnoxious individuals who have no idea how to interact with other people on a daily basis. For instance, on my way to work the other day I noticed a pick-up truck parked just off the main road I was travelling on. The driver of this truck was on his cell phone so nothing out of the ordinary to see except he had pulled over into an intersection where another road came into the road I was travelling on. A line of cars 3 deep was beeping and waiting for this self absorbed idiot to either finish his call and move out of the way or just continue on his journey to wherever he was originally headed. Now, I have received calls while driving that require immediate attention but I usually pull over into a parking lot or safe spot totally off the road so I do not impede other drivers. This guy apparently believed his call was important enough to block traffic and cause fellow travelers to be delayed doing whatever it was they needed or wanted to do that day. Really? As Bugs Bunny might say “What a maroon”.

Trying to engage in idle chit-chat nowadays is also becoming a lost art. Most people are too busy looking at the smart phones that have replaced genuine human interaction. I plead guilty on this front, I usually check my cell phone or bring my Kindle along when I have any appointments that may require waiting for my turn such as a Doctor’s office or Barber Shop. Nowadays it isn’t uncommon however to see people bumping into one another or even tripping over their own feet while walking, all because their eyes are glued to a tiny screen instead of watching where they are going. The cell providers don’t help either by offering TV viewing, sports and games along with the ability to text and make calls. Now I have nothing against these options per say, but personally I don’t see any reason to watch a movie or game on a tiny phone screen when I have a perfectly good TV at home. Maybe it’s just me but no thanks, phone calls, texting and the ability to take an occasional photo are the only requirements I need my phone to provide for me.

Customer Service is another area that has become a battleground at times. Exceptional, friendly and polite customer service is now the exception rather than the norm. Chick Fil-A always delivers a good customer service experience while McDonalds employees try to deliver but sometimes fall short. As an example, Chick-Fil-A will politely ask “Can I Help You?” at a recent McDonald’s drive-thru visit I was greeted with “What You Want?”. Both questions asked for order information but the McDonald’s guy was a bit too direct in my opinion. When using the telephone for customer service the challenges are almost too numerous to count. Automated phone options have become quite lengthy and don’t even get me started on why I must choose ENGLISH when it is already my first language. By the time you do get thru to a human being and away from the robotic voice, your patience level has been tested and found wanting. Then to top off your experience you have a 50% chance of talking to someone for whom ENGLISH is not their primary language!!! Really?? Glad you got a job Juan or Gunga Din but if you can’t communicate why the heck are you in a Call Center setting? Diversity? Sorry I don’t see the sense in that!!!

Anyone else care to share stories of frustrating experiences like mine? Feel free to comment.


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