Guns & Money

The tragedy in Las Vegas where so many people lost their lives to a crazed gunman is almost beyond comprehension. The gunman appears to be an enigma since he defies the usual profile describing such criminals. What is consistent with this sad event is the liberal/progressive call for more gun laws and gun control.

The accounts that I have read describe all the weapons Stephen Paddock possessed as ‘fully automatic’. These weapons are already illegal to own in the United States. There are methods available for someone with enough knowledge to convert weapons from semi-automatic to full automatic however, the weapons in this case appear to have been manufactured as fully automatic. Therefore no new gun laws could have prevented this shooter from committing this evil act. The fact that the perpetrator was financially well off is the reason this despicable human being was able to purchase the weapons he used.

People who describe themselves as liberals, progressives, or whatever label they enjoy being referred to are misguided, misinformed and in all probability  in some cases as mentally ill as Stephen Paddock. These people live in a fantasy world. They believe that if guns are outlawed incidents like Las Vegas will not happen. They refuse to believe that there are for lack of a better description, people who for whatever reason can become totally evil and commit evil acts whether weapons are available or not. Since Y2K we have seen evil acts carried out by a wide variety of individuals where no guns were used. Evil people have used planes, box cutters, cars, knives and a variety of other items to commit heinous acts of terror and evil. No amount of laws or belief in a utopian world of peace and love will prevent evil acts.

The answer I believe can be found only by returning to our Founder’s vision that God and his teachings are the best blueprint for living our lives to the fullest and freest. We live in a country that has become increasingly secular and decadent.  We diminish the value of life by allowing abortion to be used as a form of birth control. We diminish the value of life by allowing euthanasia in certain circumstances. Some European countries now allow depressed people to end it all if they so choose. WOW never thought I would see that in my lifetime. If you want to diminish the evil that seems to be rampant in our world today the evil must be addressed and faced head on. If you are a Christian live your life as if God is watching your every move because, He is. If you are not a Christian, follow the Ten Commandments anyway. They are not only ment for Christians and believers they can be used by anyone to lead a good and thoughtful life. Evil is out there in many forms and needs to be battled by every method available, penalizing law abiding gun owners is not the best method available. Fighting evil on a Spiritual level is an excellent method.

One man’s opinion among many. Thanks for reading.


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