Progressive Regret in Europe.

I have always thought it would be fun and educational to visit Europe and see England, France as well as several other countries. A vacation dream come true if I ever had the time and money to make it happen. Alas, with all the Islamic invaders masquerading as refugees it seems I would now limit my destinations to Hungary, Lithuania and other European countries who have had the common sense not to commit suicide like other members of the European Union. While France, England and Germany as well as Sweden allow terrorist attacks to take place in the name of ‘diversity’ several countries have stood up for their rights and said ‘refuges not welcome here’.  Those countries have not suffered the  horror of terrorist attacks. Coincidence, I think not. I recently came across this video that made me cheer for Europe. I posted a link  below.  I believe the gentleman’s name is Pat Condell and in my view he is a truth teller and I salute him. He has several videos on You Tube. This video is not for the faint of heart. Liberals will be running for their safe places and people who are deluded enough to actually believe Islam is a religion of peace will be upset.. However, to study Islam and Mohammed is to truly know that there is nothing peaceful about Islam or its creator. Bear in mind while listening to this gentleman that politicians in America want this same open border policy and don’t care how many people are harmed or killed to attain that kind of progressive country. It’s not just Democrats, many Republicans are also complicit it this outrage. It is great to see at least one Britain who has the back bone to tell it like it is:


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