Thoughts are bouncing around my brain.

Just some random thoughts:

1- When Obama was President, if a non-black person dared question his policies and opinions that person was automatically branded a racist. In the spirit of equality when Maxine Waters or Keith Ellison criticizes President Trump I guess they are racists. Funny how the press doesn’t report that.

2- Sadly a church was recently invaded by a terrorist and several people were wounded and at least one was killed. The perpetrator was black and the church members were white. Maybe some-one needs to start a White Lives Matter or Christian Lives Matter group to protest this type of obviously racist terror. Sadly there will be no protests of that type held or calls for monuments to civil rights being torn down because that would be inappropriate and racist. If this church had a black congregation and the shooter was white there would be widespread protests, riots and the propaganda news channels would be fanning the flames of unrest and racial divide. Funny and ironically very sad that the racial hucksters in our country Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton etc. only care about deaths that further their racist views and enrich them in the process. Also sad how a majority of black people don’t realize how they are being let down and abused by these so-called ‘men of God’ and Democrat politicians.

3- The press did make note that the weapons used in the Tennessee shooting were purchased legally. That fits the anti-gun narrative these journalists believe in. While it is true the guns were purchased legally, several of the guns were given to the murderer by a relative for safe keeping. Obviously that relative was an irresponsible gun owner who should probably be charged as an accessory after the fact. Where was this person’s common sense when he decided to hand over weapons to this killer? If you purchased the weapons it is your responsibility to safely store and keep those weapons, handing them over to someone else for any reason is just plain idiotic and in my view criminal.

4- Delanie Walker, a barely serviceable player in the NFL says if fans do not like the players protesting well they should just stop watching. Already ahead of you moron, I wonder if the owners are happy that their employees are now openly telling customers to go away. Great customer service by the NFL and Delanie of course saw fit to repeat the rejected narrative that the protests are not against the military. Funny how liberals are always convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt  what they are doing or saying is  always 100% right. They always seem to feel their message just isn’t getting out to people properly. They don’t seem to understand that the message has gone out to people and people have rejected it because they know it’s a lie. Hillary’s campaign should have taught the liberals that lesson, her message was heard loud and clear and rejected on election day.

5- The press finally found something to complain about with the hurricanes that have recently devastated parts of our country and the Caribbean. Puerto Rico feels left out in the amount of aid that has reached the island and of course it’s President Trump’s fault. Puerto Rico has experienced government mismanagement and after decades of refusing to become the 51st state it now wants that privilege because it is bankrupt. Aid is getting to the island but once again the politicians in charge were unprepared and hoping the United States tax payer will bail them out. I feel sorry for the people of Puerto Rico who are suffering and pray for their safety and welfare. I am sure that the United States will help and is helping in every way possible. I also hope and pray that the help gets to the people who populate the island and stays out of the pockets of useless political members who have contributed to their population’s misery by mismanagement and personal greed. Where there is a politician with his hand out for money, there is a politician who sees an opportunity to make things work to their advantage. Also, I wonder how much monetary aid the island will receive from the Clinton Foundation, I heard they did a great job in Haiti. Yes that was meant sarcastically. I have a sign in my home advertising that Sarcasm is just another free service I offer. Have a great day!!!





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