What’s Old is New or What is the upcoming TV season like??

My last posting concerned entertainment and sports crossing over into the world of social commentary and how people like myself would rather tune out than view political rallies when we would rather just enjoy being entertained. I guess there is another issue I have with Holly-Weird and that concerns lack of original ideas.

I recently viewed shows that were being advertised for the upcoming fall TV season and after viewing some titles and show summaries I couldn’t help but feel like the characters in the movie ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’. What year is this……?

‘Will and Grace’ is back, now it was a fairly good show back in its day but really, good enough to be resurrected from the archives? ‘Roseanne’? Again really, I can’t imagine the characters have aged very well and if I remember correctly didn’t the John Goodman character die in the original? ‘Dynasty’? Wow this show might be interesting if they could resurrect some of the original actors who played characters in the first go around. Then at least they might have a zombie angle to some of the stories.

Those three retreads have recognizable titles at least, other new shows have premises that have already been done there moved on from that.  ‘The Good Doctor’ for instance leads us on a journey following a genius doctor working in pediatrics, OK brings to mind the insipid ‘Doogie Howser MD’ series but wait put that disbelief away this new doctor has autism so there’s a new spin on the plot. Then there is ‘Riverdale’, based on the Archie comics. I know if I had a nickel for every time I read someone’s posting on entertainment sites wishing there was a TV series based on Archie I would be, well still looking for that nickel. Yet some millionaire studio exec thought this was a great idea for a show. Of course ‘reality’ TV is also represented by a show called ‘The Toy” where contestants create toys to be produced by Mattel and sold at Toys R Us, which just announced they are going bankrupt, coincidence? probably not. Seems like the TV networks are bankrupt on ideas and concepts.

I recall a comment I once read and I believe Fred Allen may be the originator, “Television is called a medium because it is neither rare nor well done”. Mr. Allen was a wise man it seems.

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