Can’t I Just Be Entertained ???!!!

A weekend has just ended and I have some observations that I just can’t keep to myself.

Just like many Americans I am a fan of various forms of entertainment. Everything from music, TV, movies and sports. Throughout the years these entertainment choices have freed me from all the political nonsense and cultural garbage that news shows were the primary source for spreading. However, the last decade or more has seen entertainers and sports figures exercising their self indulgent personalities by chosing to share their political views and beliefs. When these beliefs are met with a chorus of booing and jeering or lower ratings for networks, these divas and primadonnas complain that us normal folk are denying them the right to express themselves and voice their opinions freely. Some even play the tired racist card in their complaints.

Personally I have absolutely no sympathy for these spoiled brats and bratettes. If I pay for a ticket to be entertained, well I not so surprisingly wish to be entertained. I didn’t pay hard-earned money to hear a musician or singer voice a political attitude or express a point of view I may or may not support. As far as athletes are concerned, forgive me if I choose to feel you are an ungrateful ass-hat if you choose to protest my country’s flag or anthem. I really don’t give a proverbial rodent’s bum about what you think or care about when you are not at work. Express your opinions on your own time not while I choose to tune in.

Entertainment whether it be music, acting or sports are a way for people to decompress and get away from the usual nonsense that newspapers and news programs are producing. Newspapers have become an ancient form of mis-information whose time has passed, while networks such as CNN, FOX and PMSNBC have degenerated into propaganda spewing opinion platforms with agendas for their political beliefs. Enough already STOP the INSANITY…..

I have found life has become much more enjoyable and less stressful by tuning out the so-called news networks. As far as sports, sports scores and highlights can be easily acquired via my phone, laptop or tablet. These venues offer me what I crave, just the sports man and only the sports. No kneeling, sitting protesters who make me cringe with disgust at their antics. As far as news many blogs and other sites on the internet offer a wide variety of news I can use, news that makes me ponder on subjects of interest or sometimes news that’s good or bad depending on the subject matter. As a matter of fact when Texas and Florida were being pummelled by hurricanes, I actually enjoyed viewing the Weather Channel and learning about the effects each area was enduring as well as viewing scene after scene of people who regardless of race, beliefs and stations in life were ready and willing to help their fellow human being just because that was what was needed at that moment. I also was happy not to hear the news that climate change or global warming was the cause for these hurricanes and devastation. Al Gore you are a con-man extradenaire.

I guess my point is, unplugging from the cultural matrix can be enlightenting, exciting and help a person believe that amid all the polarization our country is suffering from because our leaders are gutless, power hungry rulers who only care about themselves, life goes on and we are not nearly as bad as our rulers would lead us to believe. Try tuning out and tuning in to alternate programming, you just might like it.


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