The First Step is the Hardest!!!


Since the birth of the internet I have read many a blog and found the opinions expressed thought-provoking and entertaining. After much thought and soul-searching I have finally acquired the fortitude to launch a blog site of my own.

While I do not expect everybody to agree with me on every opinion I may post, I do expect discussions and debates to be civil and respectful. We find ourselves at a strange time in U.S. history. Politicians have dividedĀ  the country along ideological lines solely for the benefit of their own power hungry ideals. This has led to civil unrest and at times violent protests. Discussions usually lead to name calling and insults instead of a free exchange of ideas and opinions.

I am just an ordinary man who has chosen to express his ideas and opinions on the internet. Common sense, my Christian beliefs and my life experiences have formed my attitudes and opinions on many things. Those opinions I will be sharing and hopefully discussing in the near future. I am by no means a professional writer but I will strive to keep my postings interesting, honest and varied.


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